old_logo.pngCosgrove High School was opened on 6th February 1951. The school started as Musset Huts (demountables) which were located near the Western Goal Posts. To begin with there were seven which later grew to twenty two.

The subjects in 1951 were English & Literature, Social Studies, Mathematics, Business Principles & Practice, Science, Art, Music, Home Arts & Physical Education.

In 1962 the Schools name was changed to ‘Robert Cosgrove High School’ and then it was changed to ‘Cosgrove High School’ in 1968.

robert_cosgrove.jpgSir Robert Cosgrove (28 December 1884 – 25 August 1969) was the 30th and longest-serving Premier of Tasmania. He held office for over 18 years, serving from 1939 to 1947 and from 1948 to 1958. His involvement in state politics spanned five decades, and he dominated the Tasmanian branch of the Australian Labor Party for a generation.

The House system at Cosgrove was introduced in the mid 1950s. There are four houses, though only three are currently in use (Barton, Parkes, Hughes).

Barton House. Gold

Barton House takes its name from that of Australia’s very first Prime Minister; Sir Edmund Barton was a key figure in the drafting of the bill that helped Australia become a Federal nation. His term in office was from 1901-1903.

Deakin House. Green

Deakin House proudly bears the name of our second Prime Minister, Alfred Deakin, who served for a brief period of only seven months. His term ended when the Government was defeated in the 1904 election. He also holds the distinction of being a minister on the first cabinet.

Parkes House. Blue

Parkes House is so named after Sir Henry Parkes, a veteran politician who strongly advocated a united Australia. He failed to live to see his dream come true, but history has attributed him as the “Father of Federation”

Hughes. Red

Named after William (“Billy”) Morris Hughes, who was serving the Prime Minister during World War 1. Popularly known as “Little Digger” remembers him for the introduction of military conscription. His term in office was from 1915-1923.


The School Song

Words by J .Pullen (1962)

Music by C Davey


Voices raised in tune together,

Sing as one, our own school song,

Laughter, friendship, toil and sorrow,

These will build tradition strong.


Working, playing through our lifetime,

All who sing to this be true;

Service to the school forever;

Upright, loyal in all we do.


Standing soon upon the Threshold,

Of our life’s advent’rous years,

All by hand and heart united,

Sharing still our hopes and fears.

May we never bring dishonour

To the school whose badge we wear.

This is our aim, our true ambition,

“Each For All”-our pride and care.