Hands on Learning

Hands on Learning is an innovative in school program that schools use to increase attendance and student achievement by building personal and social skills and supporting the different ways young people learn.

The Hands on Learning methodology was developed by Russell Kerr at Frankston High School in 1999 based on the principle of engaging students with authentic readily achievable tasks that focus on doing and build self-belief.

HoL is made up of four fundamental elements that build a platform for young people to grow in confidence, engage and achieve at school.

  • A place to belong – a physical sanctuary at the school
  • People to belong to – small teams working together, sharing meals and building strong relationships
  • Real things to do – Engaged in creative and meaningful projects
  • A chance to give back – Making valuable contributions to their community, building self-esteem and connection

At CHS in 2020 we will deliver both a Hands on Learning Construction and HoLspitality program. We will be utilising the skill set of long-standing CHS teachers, and have already factored this staffing into our timetable planning. In 2018 a café was set up at CHS, and as such we have a coffee machine and café space that is ready to use. Likewise, our construction group is able to work out of our large MDT building. We envisage our HoLspitality students will become certified with their Basic Barista Skills, their Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and Safe Food Handling. Likewise, our construction students will complete the course work required to receive their White Card. Any further planning regarding projects and future direction of the programs will be undertaken in 2020 with the involvement of the first HoL cohort. It is envisaged however that the HoLspitality group could ‘take over’ the canteen each Wednesday, or enhance our already successful external catering services, or begin a ‘Eating With Friends’ service for the residents of Glenview Community Services. The possibilities are endless!

Students and families wishing to explore our Hands on Learning program should contact the relevant Year Coordinator.